About Chanamaro

The phrase Chana Maro links the Pokomo people of Tana River County to the river Tana in Kenya. Maro is a great ancestor as well as father of the Pokomo people. The word ‘chana’ is the Pokomo translation for ‘river’.

This site (http://www.chanamaro.com) seeks to empower communities residing in Chana Maro with information covering a wide range of issues. These issues include developments as well as challenges on and arising from business, technology, health and wellness, social challenges, politics, et cetera. In addition, this site seeks to explore mechanisms through which information flow from credible sources to target audiences would be enhanced in a timely manner.

It is, indeed, hoped communities residing in Chana Maro would be able in the long run to share experiences and challenges with other communities across the globe much as adopt best practices to improve the overall quality of life in Tana River County. There is so much in terms of activities and programs that communities within and without Chana Maro can positively engage in. This site ultimately seeks to make such aspirations possible to all through use of appropriate technologies and by collaborating with reputable institutions worldwide.

The accompanying tagline exemplifies the spirit, valour, and determination to achieve just that.

Together We Stand, Together We Can.