Safaricom Foundation To Conduct Free Diabetes And Cancer Clinics For Sh36m

Safaricom Foundation will spend Sh36 million to screen and treat cancer, diabetes and other non-communicable disease across the country in two years. As part of its corporate social responsibility, the company has set aside Sh200 million for free medical camps over 10 years…read more…


Voters Registration

Community Call To Chanamaro To Register For An ID Card And/Or A Voter’s Card

This is an appeal to everyone in Chanamaro within the voting age to do the following:

1. If you do not have a National Identity Card (ID Card), get one now then get registered as a VOTER; and

2. If you have an ID Card, please go ahead and REGISTER as a VOTER.


These two matters are important activities adequately supported by constitutional provisions. Indeed, it is your constitutional right to acquire the two documents (that is, an ID Card and a VOTER’S CARD) in good time. A VOTER’S CARD gives you “the choice” to determine how best you’d want your current socio-economic environment to improve as much as to secure a brighter future for posterity (that is, our children).


Kindly share this information with sindo Chanamaro.