Community Call To Chanamaro To Register For An ID Card And/Or A Voter’s Card


This is an appeal to everyone in Chanamaro within the voting age to do the following:


1. If you do not have a National Identity Card (ID Card), get one now then get registered as a VOTER; and

2. If you have an ID Card, please go ahead and REGISTER as a VOTER.


These two matters are important activities adequately supported by constitutional provisions. Indeed, it is your constitutional right to acquire the two documents (that is, an ID Card and a VOTER’S CARD) in good time. A VOTER’S CARD gives you “the choice” to determine how best you’d want your current socio-economic environment to improve as much as to secure a brighter future for posterity (that is, our children).


Kindly share this information with sindo Chanamaro with passion, understanding, and love.