Pokomo Council Of Elders (Gasa) Endorses Leaders At Historic Town Of Wenje

It’s now official. The Pokomo Council Of Elders (Gasa), has at long last held the much anticipated historic meeting to endorse the team that will be taking on the incumbent during the upcoming general elections of 8/8/2017. The elders are drawn from different parts of the Best Tana River County from Kipini at the serene coastal shores at the end of the lengthy river Tana to Mbalambala, deep in the hinterland.

The leaders meeting on 20 May 2017 endorsed Hon. Maj.(Rtd) Dhadho Gaddae Godhana as the Governor nominee and Hon. Kea Batuyu Salim as his running mate. Amongst other leaders, Hon. Michael Nkaduda has been nominated to contest as Senator, while Hon. Said Hiribae, aka Said Posta was nominated to contest as member of parliament for Galole Constituency. Hon. Ali Komora Wayu will officially be contesting as member for parliament for Garsen Constituency. The women sitting at Mikameni also nominated Hon. Rehema Namasa and by extension the Hasa has endorsed her to contest as the Women Representative for the community. A more striking feature during the ceremony to unveil this leadership team was evident when Mother Nature blessed the occasion with a heavy downpour, a blessing that couldn’t have come at a better time.

The elders observed that Tana River County has for the past five years had a questionable leadership that lacked any meaningful development agenda.

While addressing the well attended ceremony, Hon. Maj.(Rtd) Dhadho Godhana and his running mate Hon. Kea Batuyu, promised to spearhead a robust, viable, and predictable development agenda as has been envisioned in Chanamaro community’s development plan that has already been finalized. The duo called on all residents of Tana River County to join hands and emancipate the county from years of economic, social, and political impoverishment. They said unlike in the past where leaders took the electorate for granted, the next county government would be the ‘servant of the people’ in ensuring all development goals are achieved through prudent utilization of the county’s fair share of devolved funds.

The occasion certainly ushered in a new dawn of optimism never witnessed in recent times in the county. There were calls to launch what was dubbed OPERATION GIDO (Godhana In Dado Out). As to whether or not OPERATION GIDO will be embraced is a matter of wait and see. What can certainly be deduced for now is that the push for change in Tana River County has officially started in earnest.



More than 50 women from Chara in Tana Delta yesterday braved the scorching sun, distance, hunger and thirst and walked all the way from Shirikisho and adjacent villages of Chara location to the District Officer’s office at Tarasaa in Ngao location, 25 kilometers away.

They wanted to formally present their grievances to the District Officer following cases of cows being allowed to enter farms and destroy maize crops. On Tuesday,24 May 2016, the women reported that a whole herd of cattle spent the night on the farms destroying crops.

Cases of stray cows being left without shepherds is normally the cause of conflict in the Tana Delta District. Similar occurrences happened in 2002, 2012. The trend appears to be another beginning of the cycle of clashes in the District. It would be recalled that in 2013, clashes in Kilelengwani and Riketa left 52 persons dead and thousands others left homeless following similar incidents. Is this a case of history repeating itself?

It is also important to note that the pastoralists have also reported cases of cow theft to the administrators. The pointing of fingers in the district is normally a sign of worse things to come. Nonetheless, the timing of these events is suspect since, as is usually the case, general elections are scheduled to be held in 2017. With the flooding and plenty of rain, it is indeed highly unlikely that ‘scarcity of grass and drought’ is the cause for these hostile actions.

Only the other day, the County Commissioner addressed the people on the issue of insecurity and the need to keep peace. He appealed for calm and resilience as solution to the problem is being sought. These calls have been recently repeated. It is hoped the powers that be will read from this script to thwart any mischief to spoil the reigning PEACE.

The women were accompanied by other women from Laini, Oda, Golbanti and Tarasaa withtheir leaders who included Mzee Hussein Galole, Gasa Elder Chara Location, Samikaro Njovu Shirikisho Elder, Magasani Gasa Elder Tarasaa, and Mr. Said M Rova community development specialist.

The Deputy County Commissioner assured them that he will take necessary action to bring about cohesion in the community. The women were given food and transport back home by their counterparts in Tarasaa and the area DO.
{Report by Said Kofa. Further reporting by Abiyo Maddabbassa}

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